adidas Celebrates Oktoberfest with Limited Edition Beer Repellant Sneakers

Germany’s Oktoberfest is a time to drink beer, socialise and spill every conceivable liquid known to man. Indeed, we can only imagine how many shoes and sneakers have been destroyed by copious amounts of beer, water, puke and whatever other fluids people are failing to keep a proper leash on. Now thanks to adidas, celebrating like a slob no longer means throwing away your favourite kicks. The popular athletic brand has resurrected their classic Munchen sneaker and given it the liquid repellent treatment just in time for Germany’s famous festival. To that we say: prost!

adidas celebrate shoe sole and vamp

Available in limited supply, the adidas Munchen “Made in Germany” sneaker visually and conceptually pays homage to man’s favourite pastime: drinking beer like a thirsty German. First and foremost, adidas employed steadfast DPBR (as in “Durable Puke & Beer Repellant”) coating on the full grain leather upper. That’s joined by brown lederhosen hues and Prost gold foil branding. On the inside is a red and white pattern that intentionally resembles festival tablecloths and duly rounds out the Oktoberfest vibe.

adidas celebrate shoe heel cap

Given its cheeky spirit and unapologetic sense of purpose, the adidas Munchen asks that you be yourself this Oktoberfest. And by that they mean you drink yourself into a stupor. Spillage of beer and bodily fluids might very well follow–but adidas was expecting as much. In fact, they crafted a special sneaker just for it.

adidas celebrate shoe user

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