Air Jordan 11 Concord Golf Shoe Rumors Confirmed

Air Jordan Concords have been a hit for Nike. The company recently announced that they’ll be cashing in on that popularity with a pair of golf shoes inspired by the Concords. The Air Jordan 11 Concord Golf Shoe will be similar to the basketball shoe in both color and upper materials. Where the basketball shoes feature ballistic nylon for the uppers, the golf shoes will have leather. Additionally, the outsoles will be translucent with both blue and green tints. There is a noticeable absence of any purple, but the shoes still match up with that Concord look.

Another similarity in the shoes will be the use of Nike’s React foam, which provides optimized cushioning without sacrificing responsiveness. The foam is lightweight and stable, and will provide a comfortable and solid foundation for your swing and for long days walking the course. The soles feature spikes and traction elements that extend to the outsole.

Air Jordan top view

Air Jordan 11 Concords were originally released in 2011. Tinker Hatfield designed the shoe, which quickly rose in popularity. In December of 2018, Nike released the design much to the excitement of shoe collectors and athletes everywhere. That excitement will no doubt continue with the golf shoes—for the looks if nothing else. The shoes are scheduled for release on February 15 and will retail for $200.

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back view Air Jordan

Air Jordan concord golf shoe

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