Lock-In these Stylish Waterproof Loafers on Kickstarter from $69

Sydney-based brand Eve & Kane has taken to Kickstarter to fund its latest footwear revelation, a waterproof, environmentally-friendly loafer named Amalfi. Originally designed to be worn at the beach, pool or the bar, the Amalfi loafer combines function, sophisticated aesthetics and cooler colours, possibly making it suitable attire for a broader set of occasions. Right now you can lock-in a pair of these unisex loafers for the early-bird price of $69.

Amalfi is a breathable loafer. It’s built with vents to allow the feet to breathe and remain dry during those long summer days. The loafers are waterproof, so if they get dirty, throw them in the washing machine. The lower shell is made from recycled TPU because Eve & Kane believe in doing their part for the environment.

Amalfi is available in 3 colours: Navy, Black and Sky Blue. Man of Many co-founder Scott Purcell is chasing a Navy pair.

eve and kane amalfi loafers

Pre-production pairs were given out for review, and the consensus is these loafers are great.

I am a keen rock fisherman, and these Amalfi’s are the best all-weather, non-slip, fast drying shoes I have ever had. They rugged taking the hard work of scrambling over rocks while being supremely comfortable. I am amazed at how versatile these shoes are I don’t even have to change them when I stop for a drink. I will definitely be a loyal customer.” – Gary D

Eve & Kane still has a fair way to go before reaching their Kickstarter funding goal, so if you want to make these versatile loafers happen, get funding! If successfully funded, Eve & Kane’s Amalfi loafers will be available in October 2018. Right in time for the Australian summer.

Check it out

eve and kane waterproof amalfi loafers

amalfi waterproof loafers on kickstarter black

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