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ASICS Actibreeze 3D Steps Toe First Into the New World Slide Game

ASICS has been making strides to cement itself (once again) as a brand that can satisfy both the lifestyle and performance crowds with a host of collaborations, including a favourite of ours with the release of the Up There x ASICS GT II back in May. Now, the brand has firmly set its sights on the performance market with the release of the technical- and recovery-focused, ASICS Actibreeze 3D; a performance recovery sandal that balances porousness, breathability and resilience. It also looks pretty cool, so we’ll be rocking ours after a big 10-metre walk to the coffee shop.

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Asics actibreeze 3d sandal close up

Image: ASICS

ASICS Actibreeze 3D Sandal Release Information

Release date: Available from July 17, 2022.
Where to buyasics.com.au
Price: $130 AUD

“We’ve had the super shoe and the super spike. Now it’s time for the super sandal. It represents our belief that innovation in sports footwear shouldn’t be limited to what the athlete wears when competing or training,” said AJ Andrassy, General Manager of Product Management, Performance Running Footwear at ASICS.

If you’ve been keenly watching the World Athletics Championships Oregon22 – where Aussie Peter Bol made the 800m Finals and finished 7th – it would’ve been hard to miss athletes like Valarie Allman, Eiki Takahashi and Mohamed Katir sporting a pair of ASICS Actibreeze 3D sandals after an event. One of the most technical slides we’ve ever seen, the lattice structure is the base for a successful performance recovery slide.

“This sandal is quite unlike anything we’ve created before. Its unique design provides structural integrity while still having the ability to be morphed parametrically. The result is a sandal that provides the right amount of porousness – combining breathability and resilience to deliver optimised levels of softness and support. The successful implementation of this method also moves us closer to an exciting future where a shoe can freely morph its form to exactly fit the profiles of each individual athlete,” said Genki Hatano, Lead Researcher at Future Creation Dept, ASICS Institute of Sport Science.

The lattice structure looks performance-driven from the outside, but research from the ASICS Institute of Sports Science has pegged the slide against key competitors where it’s proven to keep temperatures and humidity levels lower – 10% humidity and 1 degree Celcius at walk respectively. The slide weighs in at 280g (size L) which is about average when compared to others like the Adidas Adilette and Nike Benassi.

The ASICS Actibreeze 3D Sandal is available now via the link below for a retail price of AUD$130.

Buy it here

Asics actibreeze 3d

Image: ASICS

Asics actibreeze 3d sandal on person

Image: ASICS

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