Atoms Minimalist Sneaker Are Destined to Become Your Favorite Shoes

Don’t deny destiny. Simply put, Atoms Minimalist Sneakers will be your favourites for the simple fact that they keep their shoes simple. So simple, in fact, that their top priority is the perfect fit. That’s why they are the first shoe company to offer their shoes in quarter sizes so that you can get the exact fit for your feet.

For their Minimalist Sneaker, they kept things even simpler. Titled “Model 000,” the sneaker comes with soft cushioning so that you feel like you’re walking on clouds.

atoms sneakers

The laces stretch rather than constrict, making it easy to slip the sneakers on and off—you’ll never have to tie the sneakers again. The lining features an antimicrobial copper material that kills bacteria and prevents odour.

For the upper, Atoms used a highly durable coated yarn blend, while the outsole uses a non-slip rubber. As for the look, the sneakers continue the simplicity theme. You can pick up a pair in all white, all black, or black with white soles. Atoms is offering these simply stylish and comfortable sneakers for USD$179.

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