Put Your Right Foot Forward in Awl & Sundry Luxury Shoes

Here’s something different: a footwear company with a dedicated sense of social responsibility. For every pair of shoes sold, Awl & Sundry will donate another pair of locally made shoes to a student in Kenya whom would otherwise walk barefoot to school 5 miles and back. That fact alone should be enough to convince you to buy a pair of these one-of-a-kind luxury shoes, but if you still need some convincing then read on.

New York City-based Awl & Sundry has joined forces with professional footballers and style connoisseurs, to launch luxurious, affordable handmade shoes for the everyday gentleman and beyond. These full-grain leather and suede shoes are guaranteed to improve your wardrobe, and you will surely be the centre of attention when you tell people that each pair was co-designed by an NFL star.

nate awl and sundry luxury shoe

The Nate is sharp, stylish, and a little edgy, like any good wide receiver should be. Nate Burleson understands what it takes to move things forward. His wingtip boots personify that fundamental nature with their bold, high stature, thick outsole, and medallion toe that will improve any footwear collection.

The Shad is designed by running back Rashad Jennings and his stylist Vesna Savcic to embody the traction, control, and slick confidence it takes to excel as a champion both on and off the field.

awl and sundry luxury shad shoe

The Cel is as sturdy and diverse as fullback Marcel Reece and can be worn without laces, straps or zippers. The thick tread provides a great Fall/Winter boot that is lightweight enough to transition into Spring/Summer. The modern lines are confident, creating a subtle statement.

Eric Weddle’s beard is to be envied. It emanates strength, and The Eric, co-designed with his stylist Jen Abrams, is no different. With this derby’s clean lines, powerful silhouette and sleek finish, failure is out of the question.

cel awl and sundry luxury fullback  shoe

Just a friendly service announcement. At the Saparingo Primary School in Narok County, Kenya, Africa, 90% of students have never worn shoes. Out of the 170 students, 153 students walk barefoot to school and back – 10 miles each day. So why not buy a pair of Awl & Sundry luxury handmade shoes and do good while looking good?

awl and sundry luxury eric shoe

You can pre-order a pair for USD $210 and discounts apply when you choose multiple pairs.
Awl & Sundry luxury shoes are expected to ship March 2018.

In other footwear news, Oscar Hunt tailors has expanded its range to offer high-end luxury leather shoes and a 125-year old sneaker design has been revived on Kickstarter.

Check it out

awl and sundry luxury shoe colors

awl and sundry luxury shoe out sole

awl and sundry luxury shoe design

awl and sundry luxury shoe blue

awl and sundry luxury shoe creme color

awl and sundry luxury shoe side shape

awl and sundry luxury shoe ass color

awl and sundry luxury shoe toe box

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