Balenciaga trash paris sneakers

Balenciaga Paris Trainers: Release, Price, Information

We’re serious, these sneakers are very real and controversial fashion house Balenciaga really does want you to buy their trashed sneakers for $2550 AUD. It’s not all smoke and mirrors either, the distressed shoes are limited to just 100 pairs in black or white and form a part of an upcoming campaign centred around their ‘Paris’ sneaker (not limited), that arrives with the tag “are meant to be worn for a lifetime”. Are they still masters of marketing? Absolutely.

Confused? Partially, but we’ll do our best to explain what on earth is going on below.

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Balenciaga paris sneaker blue side

Image: Balenciaga/ Regular ‘Paris’ sneaker with minimal distressing – $875 AUD.

By releasing a still life image of the extra-distressed shoes, Balenciaga is poking fun at those who spend more money than sense on new sneakers. We’re a culprit ourselves, we love new shoes, but the question always begs… “Why do we need new shoes, could we really just wear one pair?” Balenciaga is challenging the industry status quo here, launching their mildly distressed ‘Paris’ sneaker and challenging the wearer to forget the ‘rotation’ and wear these till they’re fully destroyed.

Balenciaga Paris Sneaker Lineup

While we’re mildly, maybe even moderately, offended by the sneakers that will undoubtedly sell out, GQ France editor, Pam Boy, has a different stance on the controversial shoe.

“The message is clear: buy and keep forever… Demna will make people who can afford luxury items purchase ‘pre-worn’ looking sneakers for $2550 AUD. He is completely turning the essence of luxury upside down … It’s the opposite of a sybaritic mindset, and once again he is making fun of people who will indeed spend a minimum wage on items that 1. they might deem disposable and 2. which are seemingly worthless. Is a luxury house the right medium for this message? I don’t know. But I hate to love it.”

Reminiscent of a Converse Chuck Taylor or even a Superga (for those Downunder), we’re glad to see that the ‘normal’ Paris sneaker is moderately priced by Balenciaga standards at $875 AUD. The shoes are available to purchase right now via the link below in Australia, with the United States and Middle East stores following suit on May 16, and Japan on May 23. Is this just another #fashion gimmick? We’ll let you decide.

Check it out

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Balenciaga paris sneaker distressed white

Image: Balenciaga/ The shoe pictured retails for $2550 AUD.

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Balenciaga paris sneaker distressed blue side

Image: Balenciaga/ The shoe pictured retails for $2550 AUD.

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