Be Prepared with Lightweight Rain Socks

ONFAdd answers the dilemma of what to do to keep your shoes dry when its wet outside with their Rain Socks. New shoes or dress shoes really don’t do well in wet conditions. Not that they don’t hold up against such conditions, but the who wants to risk putting expensive and handsome shoes in peril by wearing them through puddles and rainstorms? If you want to keep your shoes pristine, then you need a pair of Rain Socks. Rain Socks are latex covers for shoes falling between 25 to 29 centimeters. They simply slip on over your shoes, and will keep them dry as you cover an estimated 15km.

actual view onfadd rain socks

You might be wondering why you wouldn’t just invest in a pair of rubber galoshes instead of disposable rain footwear like Rain Socks. Simply put, where carrying a pair of bulky galoshes isn’t always an option, being prepared with Rain Socks is. Rain Socks weigh less than 100 grams. They are super thin and can be easily folded and tucked away in a backpack or briefcase. They may be disposable, but they’re also portable, making it possible to always have them with you—can the same be said for galoshes? Probably not. So if you’re concerned about keeping your shoes nice, then Rain Socks are a must-have.

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cover wet rain socks for shoes

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