Bombinate x Oliver Cabell Debut a Suede Chukka Unlike Any Other

For its latest exclusive release, Oliver Cabell has partnered with retailer Bombinate and famed English tannery CF Stead, to create a custom chukka unlike any other. The chukka’s suede is crafted from Kudu, an elusive African antelope known for yielding the best suede in the world. Just 100 pairs of these boots will be available from Dec 4, and each is priced at $228 each.

Tannery CF Stead is renowned for supplying suedes to most of the revered luxury brands, and the Stead family has been making exclusive articles since 1895. Each hide is hand selected and tanned using traditional artisanal techniques. The tannery utilises the natural blemishes to create a product with a unique combination of softness and strength, without two skins ever being the same.

oliver cabell suede chukka boot

“Oliver Cabell started in England, and we’ve always admired the amazing suedes the country has produced,” says Scott Gabrielson, founder of Oliver Cabell. “Bombinate, the English digital retailer, approached us to create a boot that reflected the past and present of England. We knew Stead was the perfect tannery to partner with to make it happen.”

Additionally, Oliver Cabell worked with an Italian supplier to create a custom natural rubber for the outsoles. Using 100% pure virgin Hevea milk from Hevea trees for exceptional comfort and durability, the raw rubber extract is hand poured into sheets. The natural rubber sheets are imported to Spain to develop the custom crepe outsole. Each pair is hand stitched and lasted in Albacete, Spain. Remember, December 4, and just one hundred pairs. You better get in quick.

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oliver cabell suede chukka boot black

oliver cabell suede chukka boot

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