Bring in the New: On Cloud X Running Shoe

The On Cloud X Running Shoe is the second iteration in its line. The original was regarded as a quick sneaker that was well disguised as a casual shoe. This year’s edition is heading much further down the “performance” line.

Cloud X is described as a strong, fast paced race shoe that gets straight to the point.

front upper full body lining shoe

The front upper is made from a very soft, well engineered mesh with a full body lining. The obvious single piece saddle holds the midfoot and heel in line. The heel and achilles collar are both lightly padded, giving more ability for movement and less resistance when your feet pound the pavement.

previous version of cloud x running shoe

The previous version of the Cloud had a string-winch tie, but that has now been removed in pace of regular laces. A change that will be well received by many, as the drawstring became irksome for a lot of the wearers. The outsole is comprised of durable rubber and incorporates CloudTec Elements that were common in the previous version as well.

black cloud x running shoe

The style of the shoe is unique as well. No one is going to get this confused with a Nike, adidas, or Asics. With vibrant colors in shades of blue and green, oversized treads (as if you’re running on a cloud,) and an interesting laces set-up, the On Cloud X Running Shoes really stand out.

Check it out

sole of shoe

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