Bringing Back the World’s First Basketball Sneaker

When one thinks of the 1800s, images of westerns, black and white photography or Ye Olde England may come to mind. It’s unlikely you would end up anywhere within the realm of basketball sneakers. Yet Colchester’s ‘National Treasure’ sneakers are inspired by a 125-year old design and are the only sneakers in the world from the 1800s currently available for you and your feet.

world first basketball sneaker shoe comfort and performance

Updated for comfort and performance, the National Treasure sneakers are made from vulcanised rubber and canvas with a built-in arch, cushioned in-sole and sturdy laces traced through metal eyelets. The sneakers feature the same 5-inch high top design, brown canvas uppers, turkey feather sole pattern and the Colchester Rubber Co. crest as the vintage originals.The original Colchester Rubber Co. sneaker was the first of its kind to be specially designed to protect feet while running, jumping and pivoting on gymnasium floors. The National Treasure sneakers will do just that but are also modernised for casual wear.

world first basketball sneaker shoe colors

Colchester Rubber Co. the (re)inventor of National Treasure sneakers is campaigning via Kickstarter to bring the sneakers back in early 2018. For the discounted price of $70, you can secure a pair in original brown, coal, black, navy or olive colourways. The sneakers are available in unisex sizes 5-14 and if high top is not your style you can opt for low top sneakers.

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world first basketball sneaker shoe wearing foot

world first basketball sneaker shoe vamp world first basketball sneaker shoe eyelets

world first basketball sneaker shoe collar

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