Celebrate Arsenal FC’s Return Down Under with Fried Chicken and Free Sneakers

If the combination of fried chicken, football and free sneakers doesn’t entice you, then it’s time to rethink your priorities.

Butter, Sydney’s favourite hybrid restaurant and sneaker bar is partnering with sports brand PUMA to celebrate the legendary Arsenal FC ‘s first visit to Australia in 40 years. To commemorate this significant event, the popular Surry Hills spot will be turning red and giving away limited edition, never released PUMA Arsenal Suedes leading up to the football games.

puma arsenal suede sneakers

Butter will be giving away 50 pairs of the limited edition PUMA Arsenal Suede Sneakers with only 200 pairs released in all of Oceania. They’re extremely exclusive and will not be sold in any stores worldwide. The only way you can score a pair is by entering the giveaway via this link or the one at the bottom of the page.

puma arsenal suede sneaker shoe beside burger

But that’s no reason to forego the fried chicken. Butter’s Executive Chef, Julian Cincotta has also created a special menu to mark the Arsenal FC visit. The special menu includes:

The Invincible Chicken Sandwich – Made with fried Chicken thigh fillet, lettuce, cheese, hot English mustard, HP sauce, mayo, on a steamed red bun and a side of slaw.

The Red & White Doughnut – Butter’s famous hot cinnamon doughnut, red glaze, topped with crushed white meringue.

Gooners Gin & Jam Slushie – Made with Beefeater Gin, Raspberry Jam, Basil and House Made Lemonade.

puma arsenal suede sneaker shoe butter red

The themed menu, PUMA giveaway and Butter’s glowing red in-store fit-out are already underway making it the one-stop shop for Arsenal fans and hungry folk.

puma arsenal suede sneaker shoe like juices

arsenal suede sneaker shoe like burger

puma arsenal suede sneaker shoe wearing foot

puma arsenal suede sneaker shoe style

puma arsenal suede sneaker shoe outlook

puma arsenal suede sneaker shoe heel cap

puma arsenal suede sneaker shoe white sole

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