Cloud Edge Moonlight Running Shoe Reaches for the Stars

On started out in 2010 with the ambition of changing the world of running. Based out of Zurich, Switzerland, the startup shoe company had the Swiss Alps as a proving ground. There, they developed the philosophy that good running was made of “soft landings followed by explosive take-offs,” in other words, “running on clouds.” This philosophy continues to inform their design, and that holds true for their new Cloud Edge Moonlight Running Shoe.

closer look at the cloud edge with imbued starlight design

The shoes made by On come from a background in competitive running. One of the founders, Olivier Bernhard, is a former professional athlete with three world duathlon championships and multiple Ironman wins. That background helped Bernhard and his team come up with CloudTec. The shoes feature hollow “clouds”—essentially empty pockets in the sole’s tread—that provide cushion when you land in both horizontal and vertical dimensions.

After cushioning your landing, the clouds then spring back, returning energy to your stride. The flexible soles allow you to run the way that feels natural to you, rather than trying to conform your stride and strike to a predetermined method. On designs different treads and soles for each kind of running you do, from mountain trails to the urban pavement.

running shoe cloud

On’s Cloud Edge Moonlight Running Shoe takes the design of the Cloud Interstellar and adds a touch of the night sky. The shoe’s use On’s Zero-Gravity foam and CloudTec in the outsole coupled with advanced abrasion pads for superior grip. The heel is moulded for a more secure fit, so you won’t lose your shoe while running. The upper is made of a mesh that promotes ventilation.

For the Moonlight version, this mesh has been imbued with starlight—a unique reflective pattern in the upper and tongue that reflect the night sky. The outsole and thick laces are also reflective, giving the appearance of stars in the dark sky. The Moonlight shoes are meant for daily wear and road surfaces. They have a neutral stability and provide direct cushion. They’re perfect for urban exploration and travel.

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cloud edge moonlight shoe lace

cloud edge shoes sole are flexible and fit for daily wear