Cobbler Restores a Ferragamo Loafer from Trash to Brand New

Trenton and Heath chronicle the restoration of a pair of Ferragamo Loafers, totally transforming the shoes, taking them from trash to looking like they are brand new. The shoes started with the soles being completely worn through—so much so that there were holes through all the layers. “His foot is pretty much just resting on the pavement,” says Heath Potter from Potter & Sons. The uppers were also in rough shape, with the leather being extremely faded and worn. “It’s not even brown anymore,” says Potter. “It’s almost like a creamy color.”

Over the course of the 26 minute video, Potter takes the viewer through the restoration process and putting “some love back into the shoes.” Potter completely removes the heel and the sole, then starts working on rebuilding the sole, adding in a new insole. He goes step by step, explaining each bit of work that goes into making the shoes wearable again. It’s mesmerizing to watch a master at work in his craft, and Potter definitely shows off his skills. Of course, Potter is doing this renovation as a favor to a friend, and to garner more views on YouTube. If you were to take a pair of shoes in such disrepair to a cobbler, you would most likely be told that it was beyond what the cobbler was willing to do.

Nonetheless, the video is entertaining, and is just one of several from Potter & Sons. They’re also informative as they always instruct on the proper care for your footwear. If you want to be entertained by watching someone who knows what they’re doing bring a pair of shoes back to life—and if you have a spare half of an hour to use—then you’ll want to check out the Ferragamo loafer restoration by Heath Potter.

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