Coby Move Shoes Will Have You Walking On Clouds

When you really think about it, walking on sunshine sounds downright painful. We’d much rather walk on clouds instead. Here to make it happen are Coby Move shoes, which deliver stratospheric levels of comfort, while additionally going big on sustainability, breathability, and optimisation. The shoes are currently soaring past their funding goal on Kickstarter, meaning it’s only a matter of time before you’re walking on clouds.

One look at the Coby Move shoes and you’re already feeling comfortable where it counts. To achieve such a plush profile, Coby Shoes employs Australia’s finest Merino Wool, along with innovative Softknit fabric. Meanwhile, construction goes down in a small, family-run mill in Italy. The resulting shoes are cosy, adaptive, moisture repelling, odour-reducing, lightweight, and even machine washable. Sealing the deal are some truly refreshing and stylish colours.

Between the lightweight design, optimal features, and low carbon footprint, the Coby Move shoes will have you feeling good on multiple levels, not to mention looking all kinds of fresh. Head on over to Kickstarter to help start these brilliant kicks!

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