tecnica outdoor forge hiking boots

Let Your Personality Shine Through with Forge Tecnica Hiking Boots

Tecnica has burst onto the scene with an incredible innovation – the Tecnica Forge. The Forge is the first outdoor shoe / hiking boot with a customizable fit. Tecnica takes this process very seriously and is therefore only available in-store at certain locations. Customization takes only 20 minutes and is shaped for each individual owner, has a shoe-unique footbed for personalized comfort and support, and maintains a completely customized upper to show personality and tastes.

Tecnica understands that fit is the most important feature of all footwear – as a result at Tecnica they have developed four specialized solutions to create the best possible out-of-box fit in the industry. Additionally, no one else in the market can compete with their level of customization for an outdoor shoe.

The Forge is not designed just to look good, it is incredibly versatile as well. Combining ground-breaking style with maximized performance was not easy, but when considering the wide range of conditions that these shoes’ future owners would be in, Tecnica knew there was no other way. The Forge relies on several unique technologies to increase their impressive range of use.

At the end of the day, the Forge is simply the optimal hiking boot. It has been crafted to meet the demands of rigorous outdoor activities and provide maximum comfort, customization, and control while doing so.

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