Lock-In Limited Release Sneakers With the Improved Foot Locker App

Foot Locker has released a massive update for its mobile app The Locker that allows Aussie sneaker enthusiasts to reserve the most exclusive upcoming footwear. Long gone are the queues of fans impatiently lining up overnight for limited release shoes. Instead, you can now reserve a pair the night before release via the app’s release reservation feature.

improved foot locker app login page

Users can save up to three sizes and their store preferences to save time. If successful, head into the preferred store on the day of release and the sneakers will be waiting. The free app is available now, and the pilot launches will take place in QLD with a national roll-out shortly after. It’s a fair, safe and convenient way to secure limited release sneakers.

Available on Google Play and the App Store.

Check it out

improved foot locker keep shoe view

improved foot locker app picture

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