Marvel x Vans: A Collection Worthy of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

Marvel and Vans have joined forces for a collection worthy of Earth’s mightiest heroes. “Off The Wall” Super Heroes of the Marvel Universe is an extensive range of footwear, apparel and accessories featuring The Avengers, Deadpool, Spider-Man, Hulk and more.

The collection kicks off with footwear inspired by the box office dominators The Avengers. A custom Old Skool Vans silhouette is outfitted with symbols from the group’s key members. A vivid blue toe and shield graphic heel are a nod to Captain America. The tongue is reimagined to mimic a piece of Iron Man’s armour. A silver leather wing sidestripe takes styling cues from the all-mighty Thor, and a brightly coloured outsole features the signature green and purple tones of the Incredible Hulk.

The Authentic is a more subtle option, showcasing the heroes’ faces pulled straight from golden-age comics. It adds Black Panther, Black Widow and Spider-Man to the mix.

Of course Deadpool makes an appearance on a pair of SK8-Hi-tops. The merc with a mouth’s sneakers are made from durable red and black leather, inspired by the colours of his suit. There are even katana and ninja stars embedded in its build for added protection against foes.

captain marvel sneakers from vans

Captain Marvel scores her own SK8-Hi-top silhouette in signature red, navy and gold colours. You can see Brie Larson as Captain Marvel next year in Avengers 4 and a standalone Captain Marvel film.

Slip-on stylings include a pair honouring everyone’s favourite web-slinger Spider-Man, plus Vans’ classic checkerboard design with Hulks giant green toes bursting through the seams. The slips-ons possess elastic side accents and padded collars for extra comfort. Also the Vans flag label and signature waffle outsoles for a firmer grip.

“Off The Wall” Super Heroes of the Marvel Universe has options for all ages, even toddlers. We focused on the shoes, although there are also countless t-shirts and backpacks for the young and old. The Vans x Marvel collection is available now exclusively at Vans Concept stores and online.

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incredible hulk sneakers from vans

avengers sneakers from vans

marvel x vans spiderman hulk and avengers sneakers

kids spiderman sneakers from vans

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