Minnetonka Goes Old School for their Driving Moccasins

The Minnetonka Driving Moccasins are made in the traditional way—meaning, they’re made completely by hand without the aid of any modern machinery. That’s right, nothing electric or mechanical goes into making these moccasins, and the results show why. These shoes are comfortable in a way that only a master cobbler and leatherworker could accomplish.

sole view driving moccasins

The Driving Moccasins come in 14 different style variations, though each order is custom made. You can requires three widths and sizes from 6 to 16. The Horween Leather Company provides the natural shrunken leather using their proprietary blend of waxes, oils and tanning agents. Even before the moccasins are made, the leather is already soft, comfortable, and textured.

driving moccasins heel view

The investment in hand crafting these moccasins is phenomenal. Just consider the holes that have to be punched into every pair. Over 250 holes have to be punched to accommodate the nub bottom sole and for the lacing holes. After the shoes are assembled, they’re soaked in water and then dried over a two day period on a form to define the shape. The final step is to insert the foam padded insole. With so much detail going into the moccasins, it’s no wonder that it take around three weeks for delivery.

side view moccasin shoes

It’s important to maintain the old school craftsmanship that came before modern machinery. Fortunately companies like Minnetonka are doing just that.

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