Nike ACGs New Hiking Sneakers Takes You Off Court and Off Road

The Nike ACG sub brand has been providing hiking sneakers for years. ACG, or “All Conditions Gear,” has been around for nearly 30 years. Over that time period, they’ve created gear that was meant for the most rugged conditions you’ll ever run into. Much like the reputation Nike has built on the court and field, the ACG brand has created a reputation for dependable and sturdy shoes that can keep you going for miles and miles. The ACG offerings were meant to be a streamlined version of the bulkier hiking boots on the market. The added advantage of streamlining the design was that the ACGs ended up looking good whether you were on the trail or at your favorite club.

nike hiking shoes

The most recent offering by ACG comes in a set of two. The ACG Dog Mountain is a mid-top shoe with playful colors, and playable components, including a rugged outsole with added traction and a special anti-slip lacing system. The look is more of a traditional sneaker, but it still has that rugged vibe that will fit in on the side of a mountain. The ACG Ruckel Ridge is more of a boot, but it comes with a multi-density sock liner and reinforced sidewalls, not to mention the Flyknit collar that will keep things out of your shoe when hiking in the backcountry and is blended with a suede body. The Ruckel Ridge also features a quick-lace system.

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top view nike acg sneakers

nike acg sneakers

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