Nike Revives the Iconic Air Force 1 for its 35th Anniversary

It’s the 35th anniversary of Nike’s iconic Air Force 1 – The classic sneaker made famous by some of the NBA’s most fearsome men and has since spawned more than 2000 different iterations. This popular symbol has served as a canvas for artists and designers of all ilk, and to celebrate this impressive milestone, Nike is bringing-em-back.

Designed by Bruce Kilgore in 1982, the Nike Air Force 1 is one of the most endearing sneaker designs, so much that it appears recognisable and more importantly, stylish in 2017. High-cut and durable, the Air Force 1’s unique build has long been adopted as a boot-like option for everyday wear. To mark the shoe’s monumental 35th anniversary the Nike has created the Special Field Air Force 1, which furthers the icon’s boot-like appeal, prepared for urban utility with a military-inspired design. Featuring ballistic-grade mesh, premium leather, thick rope laces and a zipper closure for easy on and off.

nike iconic air force 1 shoe gallery

The Air Force 1 has revolutionised the game while rapidly gaining traction around the world. It’s hard to say if a boot has ever been (or will be) this stylish. You can decide for yourself when the Nike SF AF-1 Highs land November 2nd, 2017. The high tops will retail for USD $200.

Check it out

nike iconic air force 1 long shoe

nike iconic air force 1 shoe ass color

nike iconic air force 1 shoe solo

In other news, Nike partnered with designer Virgil Abloh for an epic new footwear project called “The Ten.”

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