Now You Can Buy Spanish Leather Boots Without Breaking the Budget

Luxury sneaker label Oliver Cabell is expanding its footwear range to offer a line of premium leather boots crafted around principals of old-world quality. The classic-style handmade lace-ups come in a variety of colours and stitching patterns making them a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

The full-grain leather comes from a small tannery in Spain with custom outsoles sourced from England. Although Oliver Cabell has gone a few steps beyond just sourcing premium materials from Europe, as the footwear brand recently purchased a small factory in Spain and relocated operations to cut out the ‘middle men’ and increase the affordability of the new boots.

Shifting production to Spain allowed Oliver Cabell to reduce each pair of premium leather boots by USD $30. The boots are priced from $238 per pair which is a great price when compared to the RRP of other leather boots from European designers.

oliver cabell leather boots

Since launching footwear in early 2018, Oliver Cabell has sold over 50,000 pairs of sneakers. The focus has always been on releasing small batches of premium leather sneakers. Moving forward, all new and existing styles will be crafted from 100% Italian components.

Outsoles are now entirely crafted from Margom, with a propriety calfskin leather upper and custom Italian laces and insoles. A new screen printing technique is also being used for all logos to improve their quality. Oliver Cabell has rebuilt all of its silhouettes to make the sneakers the best they can be.

There are currently 10 styles of luxury leather boots available and truthfully, they’re all quite stunning. You can find them and a range of luxury sneakers at the Oliver Cabell website linked below.

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oliver cabell leather boots

oliver cabell leather boots

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