OBVS ADPT 3-in-1 Footwear Goes Anywhere

OBVS CO claims that their new ADPT shoe is up to any adventure that you throw at it. We’ve heard those claims before—is it really possible to have just one pair of shoes that can adapt to any climate?

obvs adpt 3-in-1 side view

The shoes are actually a three-part system—a Drymoc compression recovery moccasin that fits inside the Hydrotrainer Wet/Dry breathable trail to city sneaker. Both come in a waterproof pack. The moccasin is lined with 100 per cent merino wool, so it keeps your feet warm. And because it is waterproof, your feet will stay dry as well. So whether you’re running through the surf or trekking through the snow, your feet will be just fine. Plus, you can always slip your feet out of the shoes to relax while still keeping them protected in the moccasins.

obvs adpt 3-in-1 shoe water resistance

The sneakers are made from a proprietary hydrophobic nano material that repels water. The midsole also functions to channel moisture away from the interior of the shoe. The breathability comes courtesy of the 360 degree air cooling, keeping your feet from overheating or getting swampy.

obvs adpt 3-in-1 shoe black footwear

OBVS CO has proven that an any-climate shoe is definitely possible, and they’ve done it in a stylish look to boot.

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obvs adpt 3-in-1 shoe workout shoe