Oliver Cabell’s Rennes Trainer Returns in Limited Edition Colours

Luxury footwear label Oliver Cabell has returned to one of its first-ever designs the Rennes Trainer, releasing it in two new limited colours – Amazon and Ash.

Rennes is inspired by the colours of Fall, or to Aussies, Autumn. Made with 3oz suede, full-grain leather, and rubber shore A outsoles, all sourced directly from the Tuscan region of Italy. The retail price for this release is $188.

oliver cabell rennes trainer limited edition

Oliver Cabell began releasing footwear back in February of this year with the ambitious goal of releasing a new silhouette each week. Surprisingly, the brand stayed true to its word. Many of the designs are alternate colours of the same designs, but over time, the range of styles has increased to include slip-ons, sneakers, Chelsea Boots and collaborations with TRIWA and Bombinate.

You can find the new Rennes Trainers colours and a look at everything that’s expected to be released until early January via the link below.

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oliver cabell rennes trainer ash

oliver cabell rennes trainer amazon

oliver cabell rennes trainer pair ash

oliver cabell rennes trainer pair amazon