The Oliver Sweeney X Talisker Boots Have a Special Feature That You Will Love

How can you make a great hike even better? Add a flask of whisky. Whisky will make you forget all about your muscle aches and soreness. Forget about sticking your flask down your shoe – instead, choose a hiking boot that has a flask built right in. The Oliver Sweeney x Talisker Boots are just the pair you need, with a dedicated whisky bottle included.

oliver sweeney x talisker boot luxury british design

Luxury British menswear designer Oliver Sweeney paired up with Talisker Whiskey, who operates the oldest distillery on the Isle of Skye. The two unlikely collaborators designed a hiking boot made for adventure, and drinking. These boots are inspired by the rugged landscapes and stormy seas of Talisker’s native land—the Isle of Skye, and the delicious single malts produced in the region.

oliver sweeney x talisker boot long heel cap

The Oliver Sweeney x Talisker Boots are made of high-quality leather. Each pair was carefully handcrafted in Le Marche, an Italian village known for its ruggedly beautiful landscape. The hiking boots feature a 2-ounce sterling silver flask. The flask is hand-etched. The boots sport a solid oak compass in the collar. This feature is perfect for those times when you drink a bit too much whisky and get lost. Each pair of boots is shipped with a bottle of scotch known for its smoky flavour—Talisker’s signature 10-year malt whisky. The heel of the boots is made from the same cask that was used to age the whisky.

The boots are beautifully presented in a special-edition box, and are limited to just 200 pairs. Now these are a pair of boots that we can get behind.

oliver sweeney x talisker boot wood color midsole

oliver sweeney x talisker boot ?attach defining direction

oliver sweeney x talisker boot and shoe box

oliver sweeney x talisker boot in the box

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