Sole Food: Julius Marlow Re-release O2 Motion Range

Most men know by now that great shoes make all the difference, and have only two real ingredients when it comes to pulling together an outfit that’ll set you up for a win. One: they obviously have to look good, and match the clobber you’re wearing, meaning a selection of different colours and styles is a must for every wardrobe. The second ingredient is one that nobody can see, but most can definitely notice: comfort.

Australian pioneers of shoe technology Julius Marlow released their O2 Motion range of shoes back in 2006, and have since been a go-to for many a man who needs comfort to be as much of a priority for his tootsies as looking like a boss. These shoes have been tested and engineered to perfection, creating footwear that not only feels great to wear, but actually makes you exert less energy overall when walking greater distances – a massive plus for guys who spend half the day between meeting and on their feet.

o2 motion range shoe modern and brogue style

The range features a removable, anatomical footbed, O2 Motion air pod, torsion stabilising bar (just like your best trainers) and a flexible, lightweight outsole. Offered in both modern and brogue styles, and in different colours and tones, these are an easy choice if you want to make sure your feet cop the best possible treatment every day, without sacrificing proper style.

o2 motion range shoe welt

o2 motion range shoe out sole

o2 motion range shoe color adjust o2 motion range shoe vamp

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