Take the Under Armour Horizon KTVs on Your Next Run

Under Armour first made a name for themselves in the apparel game, with work out clothing that was ideal for athletes who wanted comfortable yet subtly stylish clothes to wear while they worked out or played their respective sports. The company has boomed from there and is now pushing into the footwear market, with a variety of shoes that are an alternative to the Nikes and Adidas behemoths in the athletic shoe industry. And while wearing an Under Armour brand shoe may at first seem like something you would do out of desperation, the running shoes especially may be better than any of the more popular brands on the market.

under armour horizon ktv shoe side shape

Best case in point: the Under Armour Men’s Horizon Trail Running shoe, a rubber soled trainer that has added cushion yet is extra lightweight. With an interior bootie, your foot is also held firmly in place while you run on trails or tracks or treadmills, minimizing the chance of turning an ankle. There is even added cushion on the heel of the Horizon, where most of the impact occurs every time the shoe is worn, so that these trainers have a longer lifespan then the average six months of the more familiar brand name trainers. And with all that taken into consideration, the Under Amour Men’s Horizon Trail Running shoe is equal to or less expensive then their counterparts.

under armour horizon ktv shoe out sole

So take a chance on an Under Armour running shoe this time around. Your pocketbook and your feet won’t regret it.

Check it out

under armour horizon ktv shoe design

under armour horizon ktv shoe toe cap

under armour horizon ktv shoe quarter

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