The Po-Zu Han Solo Shoe is Perfect Smuggler’s Attire

We’re not saying that the Po-Zu Han Solo Shoe will have you making the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, but at least you’ll be looking the part in the attempt. Put out by Po-Zu, the Han Solo shoe is officially licensed by Lucasfilm and Disney—meaning this isn’t a cheap rip-off trying to cash in on the popularity of the brand. The high-top shoe uses vegan laces and organic cotton, as well as FSC Fiar Trade rubber soles. The Corellian Bloodstripe and the Star Wars/Po-Zu label woven on the tongue lend the shoe that Star Wars feel. Finally, the removable memory-foam Foot-Mattress will give you plenty of comfort, or the option of replacing it with an orthotic.

po zu award winning ethical shoes

Po-Zu is best known for creating award-winning, ethical shoes. What does that mean? Po-Zu uses only ethical and sustainable materials in the creation of its footwear. The shoes are also hand-crafted by experts in Portugal. The Han Solo shoe sues organic cotton canvas for the upper, lining, and footbed. The foot-mattress is made from coconut husk and natural latex. The sole, as already mentioned, somes from Fair Trade Rubber.

po zu solo footwear shoe

If you’re eying a pair for yourself, be aware that the sizes run true, so if you’re between sizes make sure to order the larger size. Then get ready to hide from Imperial goons, bounty hunters, and anyone with the last name of “Hutt.”

Check it out

side view of po zu shoe

high top solo po zu shoe

front view of solo shoe

stylish po zu solo shoe

top high hill po zu shoe

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