The Taft Jack Boot Comes from a Military Background

Taft’s Jack Boot has become their signature product with good reason. The quality is evident from the first glance. The 100 per cent wool upper is supported by a calfskin inner lining. A decorative pull tab at the top of the shoe ties into the leather of the heel, which is also used to cover the toe. The eyelets are reinforced for increased stability and durability. The sole is a full rubber lug with combat tread.

jack boot

The Jack Boot pulls from a rich heritage. The boot was originally a military boot. The name “Jack” comes from a tall, winged leather boot worn by the cavalry that had been reinforced—or “jacked”—to protect against sword blows. Those boots were reinforced with chain mail that had been sewn into the leather. From the cavalry, Jack Boots then graduated to marching, and were often referred to as Hobnailed Jack Boots because of the hobnails in the leather sole.

Normally you see these boots in official uniforms, and they typically rise to mid-calf.

top view jack boot

While Taft’s Jack Boot doesn’t have a military application, it does have plenty of versatility. It can be worn for everything from casual wear to formal attire. You can pick from 12 different styles (their Grey/Oxblood version is the most popular). The boots sell for USD$250—an incredible deal for the quality you receive.

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