Welcome to the NC X Danner Jungle Boots

Guns N’ Roses may not have been wearing the NC X Danner Jungle Boots when they sung their hit “Welcome to the Jungle,” but US soldiers serving in Vietnam wore something very similar. That’s because the boots made of army green canvas and black leather with a moulded sole that were issued to soldiers heading to the jungles of ‘Nam were the inspiration for the collaboration between Nigel Cabourn and Danner.

side view danner jungle boots

Cabourn modernized the boots by adding his stamp to heel of the boot. Ventile, one of Cabourn’s favourite British heritage fabrics, makes up the canvas portion of the boots. Heavy-duty metal eyelets and hooks allow for a tight and secure fit. The inner tongue is made of orange Ventile. Heavy nylon trim and distressed black leather finish out the boot. The black moulded sole is thick and heavy, ready for any terrain—just like the original.

back view danner jungle boots

The boots are handmade in Portland Oregon. They come with two different lace options: black or army. The boots may have been standard issue for the military, but they’ll cost you USD$578 to add to your gear.

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top view danner jungle boots

sole danner jungle boots