Snug & Stylish in Prometheus Design Werx’s JAAC Hoodie

Prometheus Design Werx are a Californian company with one simple goal: to help you man better. Their list of beliefs advertised on their website eschews the normal schtick about ‘design’ and ‘quality’ favoured by other companies and instead lists qualities such as ‘You should know how to start a proper campfire without a match and also safely extinguish it; the difference between a lager and an ale’ and one of my personal favourites ‘knowing that a wild strawberry tastes better than anything bought in a store’ (I mean come on, who didn’t know that already?!) They even have a character called the ‘Danger Ranger Bear’, to make your time spent in the wilderness a safer one. Their products range from outdoors wear that has every element thoughtfully considered to gear like knives and compasses that you’ll need when facing the elements.

prometheus design werx jaac hoodie

This seemingly simple hoodie is an example of the former. Made from Polartec fleece, the JAAC (just about any condition) hoodie is thin enough to wear underneath larger garments but toasty enough that it’ll keep you snug in its own right. It also has a hidden pocket for cash / cards etc which is pretty clever. It won’t break the bank but even if you’re not in the market for a new hoodie, it’s worth heading over to have a read of Prometheus’ site, even just to meet the Danger Ranger Bear.

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