Sporty Style – PROJECT AKTIV by Spencer Projects

General Pants is an Australian retailer with its fingers on the pulse of street style and a slew of killer threads in stock. Their latest collection–PROJECT AKTIV–comes to us from Spencer Projects on the heels of high consumer demand for “functional” leisure wear, i.e. sharp looking urban clothes that don’t restrict you in the pursuit of adventure.

aktiv style and sport dress

PROJECT AKTIV represents the ideal fusion of style and sport. Each offering combines innovative stretch fabrics with a street style aesthetic to create clothing that’s both completely comfortable but still eye-catching.

aktiv quite simply the perfect wear

This is quite simply the perfect wear for those who love to spend as much time as possible outside the house, but hate wearing clothes that confine their potential to explore and engage. Throw on the pants and shirts from the PROJECT AKTIV collection and leave home behind, all while retaining a genuine sense of sporty style and urban flair.

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aktiv ash color t shirt