Stance Adventure Collection – The Sovereign of Socks

There are some of us that neglect the importance of a good pair of socks. And I was one of them. In the past, I viewed socks as and a social norm and a piece of material worn to prevent my shoes from becoming smelly.

stance adventure collection

When I purchased my first pair of Stance socks three years ago, my stance on socks have changed. The composition, comfort and fit of their socks are unrivalled. The new Stance Adventure Collection has an uncommon blend of twisted fibres that keep your feet cooler, pull moisture away faster and are the most durable socks out there. There are three options in this collection:

  • Outdoor – for daily use in all conditions for moderate walks up to 5km
  • Hike – for active walks up to 15km
  • Trek – for extreme walks for up to 50km that is made to outlast the winter

Each sock will have its own knit and fit, so all the adventurers out there, pick up a pair by clicking the ‘Check it out’ box.

Check it out

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