Stay Safe without Compromise with the Vollebak Black Light Collection

Before now, you’ve always had to sacrifice style or comfort to remain safe when sporting at night. Sports gear designed for night visibility always seemed to be cumbersome, obnoxious, loud, or off-putting… but not anymore.

Vollebak has produced Black Light, the world’s first all-black night visibility gear.

vollebak black light hoodie jacket

Disrupting the industry from the ground up, Vollebak began their quest for the perfect night ensemble from scratch. What did this lead to? A four-part layering system that doesn’t look, feel, or act like anything you might expect.

vollebak black light back side

Each piece of the set; T-shirt, Baselayer, Midlayer, and Jacket are incredibly lightweight, soft, malleable, breathable, and… fashionable. What’s even more is that each piece is entirely black – until you hit it with some light, that is. Then small, but bright, cylinders emit a sharp glow to alert any and all oncoming traffic, cars, pedestrians, or other sources of danger.

vollebak black light comfortable

These matt black articles of clothing that shimmer to reveal glowing discs will completely change the way people work out at night, keeping athletes safer without compromise.

Check it out

vollebak black light front side

vollebak black light zipper system

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