Straight Outta Egypt – KOTN Launches New Men’s Essentials

Menswear brand KOTN began with they like to call the “ultimate essential”: a men’s tee that was selected by GQ as one of ten t-shirts their staffers swear by. KOTN took that as a good sign and has now returned with a broader range of men’s essentials, each one made of Egyptian cotton that’s sourced directly from 20 farms on the Nile Delta. By cutting out the middleman KOTN has been able to offer exceptional clothing priced fairly at both ends.

kotn ash color hoodie sweater

Because of its methods KOTN becomes more than just a brand. Not only do they make supremely comfortable menswear, but they’re bolstered by a strong tie to the community from where they get their materials. As previously mentioned they work hands-on with 20 farmers in the Nile Delta region (who keep pure Egyptian Cotton from the brink of extinction) and even go as far as providing those farmers with seeds, fertilizer and professional consultants to compensate for a loss due to government subsidies. After the cotton is cultivated the clothing itself is manufactured directly in Alexandria. As if that all wasn’t enough, KOTN also supports other educational and industrial programs aimed at curbing child labour and improving literacy.

kotn sweater and shorts

KOTN represents feel-good clothing in both the literal and figurative sense. By throwing on their menswear you’re slipping into some of the rarest cotton in the world, which can only be found on the Nile Delta and is often referred to as Egypt’s “white gold” because of its softness and breathability. On top of that your money is going to the very farmers cultivating that cotton and keeping it around in the first place. There are simply too many reasons to check out this tremendous brand!

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kotn  white shirt and pant