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Offering shoes of “obnoxiously high quality” is Buscemi Footwear, the brainchild of Los Angeles sneaker aficionado Jon Buscemi. The brand’s unmistakably vibrant sneakers have been seen gracing the privileged, style-conscious feet of celebrities like Kevin Hart and Sean Combs. Sure, each pair comes with an obnoxiously high price tag to match that obnoxiously high quality, but you definitely get what you pay for–these are quite simply some premium kicks that redefine street style and look like nothing else on the market.

buscemi shoe black

Buscemi Footwear hit the ground running in 2013 when they debuted the 100MM sneaker, a leather mid-top inspired by the legendary Hermes Birkin handbag. Standing out amidst the 100MM’s many jaw-dropping features was a clean white leather profile and a small gold padlock adorning the tongue. The padlock not only upheld a visual ode to top-shelf handbags, but also lent the sneaker a luxurious air of absolute distinction that was reinforced by an outrageous price point. The 100MM was released in limited supply and it sold out before even hitting the shelves–the world of street style saw not just a new contender but possibly a new king as well.

buscemi shoe wide sole

Buscemi hasn’t slowed down one bit since the 100MM made its ostentatious splash years ago. Each pair of Buscemi Shoes is still a masterpiece of hand picked Italian leather and artisanal detail. Take, for example, the Buscemi 100MM Satin High Top Sneakers. These polished blue beauties flaunt a soft fabric upper in addition to the premium leather components, a heel handle strap and silver metal clasp fastening that maintains the brand’s commitment to sneakers that look like they might just come alive and bite your hand if you tried to steal them.

In a quote exclusive to Man of Many, Jon explains the painstaking amount of precision and labour that goes into manufacturing each pair.

“The process on the manufacturing side of one pair of Buscemi shoes is very, very intense. A shoe has dozens of components and each component is made by an artisan in his craft as based in Italy. The leathers are picked from the finest tanneries in the country, the edges are hand painted by artisanal shoemakers with decades of experience, the laces, soles and lines the same. Each shoe takes between 20-24 hours to make.”  – Jon Buscemi

Be forewarned: should you spring for a pair of Buscemi shoes and decide to wear them (as opposed to placing them behind glass or in a safe), your blessed feet will accept nothing less from that point forward. Luxury street style, indeed.

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