A Stylish Outfit with Affordable Basics

You might not be worth a million bucks just yet, but you can still look and feel like a million bucks by putting together a stylish outfit that tells others you’re a man of true distinction and taste. For that, British retailer and seasoned clothing brand ASOS has your back (and your chest, legs, waist and ankles too). ASOS targets young men and women who don’t want others to know just how little they paid for such great looking apparel, which is win/win if you ask us. Consider some of the following basics if you’re seeking big fashion on a modest budget.


asosa velour bomber jacket

Velour Bomber Jacket

This brilliantly affordable bomber jacket flaunts such a rich colour and soft touch that you might find yourself shouting aloud, “I can’t believe it’s not velvet!”

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asosa white tee

White Tee

It doesn’t get more basic than a white tee, and here’s a budget-friendly option that will look just as good (if not sometimes better) as all those overpriced non-budget-friendly options.

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asosa chinos


ASOS Chinos are crisp, clean, form-fitting and priced to move, which makes them a no-brainer purchase for the style-conscious young man on a budget.

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asos lace up trainers in white

ASOS Lace Up Trainers in White

These beautiful white trainers with faux-leather uppers are as unbeatable as footwear can be given their outrageously affordable price point.

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asos sports style socks monochrome twisted yarn

ASOS Sports Style Socks Monochrome Twisted Yarn

Touting eye-catching shades of grey and two stylish stripes along the top, ASOS socks come in packs of 5 and prove that if you’re dropping big dollars on your socks, you’re simply going about your sock game all wrong.

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asos smart slim leather belt in brown

ASOS Smart Slim Leather Belt in Brown

This inexpensive brown belt is made of smooth 100% leather and it looks great, which let’s be honest is really all you need from it.

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