Stylish And Simple – Bare Bones Wallets Will Un-clutter Your Hip Pocket

We’ve all seen that guy at the checkout. The guy with the George Costanza wallet – too big to get out of the hip pocket with ease, fumbling through receipts and cards, photos, small bills, just trying to pay for a latté but systematically holding up a queue and pissing everybody off in the process. While we’re all familiar with ‘that guy’, thanks to Bare Bones wallets, none of us actually ever have to be that guy.

Designer Paul Hanna created his company Bare Bones on the simple principle that if you only carry what you need, you have more energy to focus on what’s important. ‘By simplifying the little things in life, I believe that you create yourself more space to enjoy the big things in life – to stay in the moment and not be caught up in all the noise’ Hanna states, and he’s not wrong.

stylish and simple bare standard bones

These wallets are offered in two formats – ‘Standard’ is a more classic single-fold wallet design with just enough room for six cards and some cash, while ‘Elements’ strips it back even further with enough space for what you need for a night out (ID, credit card, cash).

Let’s be honest here, pretty much everything in your wallet can be replaced with an app these days anyway, so short of your license, cash and a bank card, there’s no longer any excuse to carry your life around in your back pocket (and when do you ever actually use your Priceline club card anyway?) Add to that the fact it’s a young Aussie company, and a bargain to boot, and you’ve got no excuse not to score yourself a Bare Bones before everybody else does.

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stylish and simple bare bones wallet design