Suit Jacket Buttoning Rules

With great style comes great responsibility. Should you among the proud men who woke up one day and said, “From this point on I’m going to give an actual crap about my appearance,” you’ll soon discover that dressing well is more than just reading fashion magazines or shopping the latest trends. That’s because fashion has its own built-in set of principles (some might even call them rules) by which both experts and newcomers normally abide. We know, we know: there are no rules more breakable than fashion rules, but if it takes serious flair and commitment to reinvent the style wheel. For the time being, stick with the basics.

Where are we going with all this? Toward suit buttoning rules, naturally–a great starter point when decoding the decorum of the dress world. Yes, as with all things fashion, wearing your suit the right way isn’t quite as easy as it first appears. Each minor detail can transform the style you’re after and hence each little thing should be carefully considered. The simple three button structure on your suit, for example, is far more complex than it looks…well, not far more complex because it is just three buttons but those three buttons arrived after years of stylistic evolution and lots of careful thought. You don’t want to be the guy abusing the system by taking a free-for-all approach to suit buttoning rules. To make it easy for you, here’s a very, very simple guide on suit buttoning rules that comes to us from The Art of Manliness. Meanwhile, the photo above is also from our mate at A Poor Man’s Millions.

bottom rule

Let’s summarise the most important parts, shall we? The middle button should always be buttoned and the bottom button should never be buttoned. Hmmm…okay, maybe this whole thing isn’t exactly as complicated as we made it out to be. Nevertheless, at least you know the dos and don’ts when it comes to suit buttoning rules. You’re welcome.

Source: Art of Manliness

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