Swapping It Out Couldn’t Be More Simple with Google MODE Watch Straps

MODE is a revolutionary intervention from Google that replaces the traditional method when attaching a band to a watch. For casual to devoted watch wearers, in the past, you would need to push spring-loaded pin through the band and try to attach the pin to the lugs of the watch. Those tedious times are over. MODE allows you to put the pin on the watch first, and use a simple toggle switch to lock the band onto the pin. It’s so simple and significantly faster. Some Apple advocates may argue that Apple has quick release watch straps for their Apple Watch. But that’s only for the Apple watch.

google mode different colors watch straps

Whereas, MODE bands will work for pretty much everything. It comes in a plethora of colours in leather and silicon. Not satisfied only with the practicality of their bands, Google ensured the quality would be superior. The silicon keeps moisture way from your wrist, whilst the underside of the genuine Italian leather is soft and alters to your wrist size. Let MODE be your watches’ personal stylist and multiply the amount of looks it pulls off.

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google mode round shape watches straps