Switch-Out Your Watch Band with Google Mode

Google are renowned for their unique business approach and foray into new technologies, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn they have teamed with Android to bring innovation to the fashion accessory market. Enter MODE, a watch band technology that features a simple slide button, so you can attach and detach your favourite styles in just one click. No tools are required. It’s never been as easy to change the style of a watch. Designed by Hadley-Roma, MODE is available in a selection of both silicone and leather styles to suit work, play, the gym, basically all occasions.

switch out your watch band attached to watch

MODE is available in four band widths, and is compatible with most Android Wear watches. Mechanical watches are also supported. The first range of bands includes a wide variety of colours. The silicone bands are available in a series of vibrant colours, while the leather bands feature strong dark tones. Google and Android understand the importance of choice, so they are sharing the specs for MODE with any designers who wish to create their own snap-and-swap watch bands. The potential for MODE is endless.

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switch out your watch band different designs

switch out your watch band lock system