Tee It Up in the Nike Flyknit Chukka

For what was once reserved as a game for retired doctors, politicians and those of, let’s say, ‘suitable appearance’ *cough* white *cough* male… the game of golf has certainly come a long way. Augusta National has just recently accepted it’s the first female members (all 3 of them…), arguably it’s ‘Greatest of all Time’ is a man of colour; and your old 3 wood certainly doesn’t come in ‘wood’ anymore…

Which leads us to the next cab off the rank in the world of golf tech, the Nike Flyknit Chukka. Incorporating their wildly popular Flyknit technology with a mid-cut chukka style boot, Nike has provided a golf shoe as functional as it is fancy. For those not familiar with Flyknit (I suggest you go down to your local park), it is Nike’s way of stripping down to the ‘bare essentials’, resulting in drastic weight loss, breathability and unparalleled comfort. Couple that with NikeSkin (water-resistance), a flexible outsole and raised nodes instead of spikes and what you’ve got yourself right here is one hell of a golf shoe.

nike flyknit chukka shoe feature

Nike has managed to find a nice middle ground between John Daly’s extravagant pantaloons collection and Tiger’s sleek Sunday wear while keeping the everyday golfer in mind. So if that group out in front is holding you up, and you need to be at dinner on time, you could certainly do a lot worse than rocking up in these bad boys.

Worth mentioning: Yes, that’s Rory in the cover photo, and yes, you can buy your girlfriend/wife a pair for chrissy…

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