The Best Men’s Subscription Services To Stay Dapper

Some guys hate going shopping and all it entails. Like driving to the store in traffic. And trying to find parking. And then finding the right section of the store. Figuring out what exactly to buy. Trying stuff on. Not liking what you just tried on so you have to find something better. Waiting in line to check out. And on and on. It’s so brutal we grew a little weary just listing it out. Men particularly hate shopping for things that they need to often by over and over again—shaving products, toothpaste, and condoms to name a few.

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Enter Men’s Subscription Services. These are businesses with the sole aim of doing all the legwork for you. What’s even better about the best men’s subscription services is that because they’re usually run by experts, they not only save you time but end up putting better products in your hands than the ones you would have chosen for yourself. We’ve summed up the best men’s subscription services to help you stay dapper without ever having to step inside mall again or ever having to worry about keeping up with the essentials. Let’s get into it.


grooming shave club

Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s have you covered when it comes to shaving. Both have on-going men’s subscription services that allow you to get razors, blades, shaving cream, and more on a regular basis.

good mouth marvis

When it comes to your oral care, GoodMouth can help you out with subscriptions for toothbrushes, electric heads, toothpaste, lip balms, floss, and even mints.

The Basics

the basics manpacks

Now onto the first layer of clothing: underwear and undershirts. Manpacks has a bunch of basic underwear (boxer-briefs, boxers, and briefs) and undershirts (crewnecks, v-necks, and tank tops) that you can choose from; they’ll deliver your products to you on a quarterly basis. This is a men’s subscription service that keeps it simple, which is quite fitting since we’re dealing with the most simple of apparel.

For Your Feet

different men wear different socks

I know that socks are also among the first layers of clothing, but with all of the options out there they get their own section in our roundup of the best men’s subscription services. Want to be delighted with a pair of new socks every month? Foot Cardigan will send you a new pair of unique socks every month. The twist: you don’t get to choose what socks you want.

different colour socks

Prefer to be in more control of the socks you get and the frequency you get them? Sockwork allows you to chose socks with fun designs, classic designs, or a mixture of both. Get 2 pairs every month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.

Best Dressed

many types of clothes

Now that we’ve got your initial layer of clothing covered, let’s move on to the exterior layer. Trunk Club and Bombfell are two men’s subscription services that allow you to have your own personal stylist. With Trunk Club, your “trunks” are sent upon request or you can set up automatic regular shipments too, while Bombfell ships you products on a monthly basis.

shirt hall madden

Only need dress shirts? Hall Madden will send you three business shirts every 3, 4, or 6 months.


different colour of tie

Now that your “dapperness” foundation is set, you can top it off with accessories. If you love ties, Root Bizzle will send you a new tie every month (they can send you socks too). Another men’s subscription service is FreshNeck, which is also known as the “Netflix for ties”. It allows you to choose, wear, and exchange ties.

hats sunglasses wallets

And capping off our list of the best men’s subscription services is Curator & Mule. Each season they will send you a handful of new items–hats, sunglasses, wallets, etc.–that they have carefully curated.

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About the Author

Justin Hong is the owner of Dapper & Done, a new men’s online grooming destination. His goal is to helping guys look their best as quickly and efficiently as possible by helping guys create “bundles” aka routines and have them delivered regularly on schedule.