The Festival of Steve Offers a Day for the Modern Man (and Access to an Exclusive Club)

If you live in Melbourne (or even if you don’t), you may have heard of The Kelvin Club, a prestigious, members-only society that’s been around for over 150 years. Normally, the only way to get in is by referral, but on June 2nd, the clubhouse is opening its doors and granting free entry to every guest. What’s the occasion, you might ask? Nothing other than the Festival of Steve, a living celebration of men’s fashion that’s hosted by City Precinct and now in its sixth year. As always, expect an impressive range of garments, accessories and merchandise from local designers, stylists and retailers. Indeed, if you live in Melbourne and care about men’s fashion, you won’t want to miss this event!

festival steve offers day collection

Running on Saturday, June 2nd from 11am-6pm, the 2018 Festival of Steve will include exhibitors like Jay Dillon Menswear, Mr Elk Accessories, D’Honk Scooters and many, many more. Also on hand will be the Kelvin Club’s resident master barber, Sammy’s Hair Grooming, who probably knows a thing or two about style. As if that wasn’t enough, the festival will feature a panel discussion on “The Casualisation of Men’s Fashion – Is The Suit Dead?” Hosted by fashion guru Damien Woolnough, the panel will include experts Ty Henschke, Stephen Kotsanlee, Carl Navè and Sally McKinnon.

The action all goes down at 14-30 Melbourne Place (aka The Kelvin Clubhouse) on June 2, from 11am-6pm. Entry is free, as are the tasty snacks and beverages. Surrounded by like-minded (and impeccably dressed) individuals, you’ll peruse from among a range of premium purveyors. Be there or be square, gentlemen.

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