There’s no B.S. in a Zeroz Wallet

Space is everything. Sometimes too much is too much, and when it comes to loading your pockets out with the necessities of the day, a few extra ounces of gear- especially in your back pockets- can really throw your game off.

If you’re looking to drop some dead weight in your wallet pocket, the Zeroz Wallet is the wallet for you. If you’re looking for a wallet with a boat load of features- turn back now. If, however, you want a wallet loadout with just the essentials- scroll down to the link, whip out your existing wallet, remove your credit card, throw your wallet away and buy the Zeros Wallet.

Why? Because the Zeroz Wallet is a leather tube, a money clip, and air. You put your cards inside. You put your cash under the clip. And you curse to hell all the extra material that other wallets have which is only good for holding junk you don’t need and getting in the way of your hands when you’re fiddling around with cash and cards at critical moments.

You might need to practice with it a bit to keep from dropping essential stuff allover a bar room floor, but once you do, you’ll be looking smooth and paying up in style with your no b.s. Zeroz Wallet.

Did we mention it’s 100% genuine leather? Just a tiny bit of it, but genuine none the less.

Check it out

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