There’s More Than What You See – Men and Style by David Coggins

As we walk through modern society every day, every individual cares about how they look. People are increasingly more self-conscious about their appearance in one way or another. Gone are the days of men wearing shorts, a singlet with a beer seen as the manliest of all men. Let’s be honest here, we all have become more metro, whether we like to admit or not. The changes in society have forced us men to adapt.

 david coggins sitting

Men and Style by David Coggins is more than just your typical style advice. It explores the masculine identity in the fashion world. Mr. Coggins explores the lives of some tastemakers and the mistakes and lessons they’ve learned as young men to become the most dapper of them all. It just not about how you look, it’s about how you find your unique self through underneath all the materialism that fashion is notably known for. It shows how fashion can provide a more innate influence on a man’s lifestyle.

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