Three Over Seven – No Socks. Wool Runners.

Three Over Seven is shaking up the world of running as well as casual shoes. The Wool Runners were a huge success on Kickstarter and we’re hoping they they’ll be back soon. The core idea behind the shoes is basically a whole new category of footwear based on the natural, renewable and biodegradable benefits offered by wool. The shoes are specifically designed for sockless wear with fabric specifically engineered, strong enough to construct the entire shoe upper from wool.

three over seven runners shoe natural

The wool in the Three Over Seven shoes helps to control odour, regulate temperature, repels water, and wicks away moisture to avoid dirt and stains. The 3mm drop TPS rubber sole is seamed with a single thread and offers unparalleled softness and comfort. The removable and replaceable insole is also covered in the proprietary fabric giving you the same anti-bacterial properties that the rest of the shoe upper delivers. And the best part, they’re easy to clean. Just pop them into the washing machine and put them on a wool cycle.

three over seven runners shoe top view

This unique design is fit for running, jogging, walking and everything in between. They’re just as comfortable with a pair of jeans as they are at the gym. The heel loop pull tag helps for easy on and off and is also coated with reflective material for night running. The same on the tongue panel.

three over seven runners shoe off white

Three Over Seven is proudly made with the wool of the 30 million plus sheep in New Zealand. The proprietary fabric is made by knitting together wool fibres, melt-bond fibres and multifilament yarn to form a unique kitted fabric and the rubber sole is shipped all the way from Portugal.

three over seven runners shoe orange

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three over seven runners shoe sole