Tokyo’s Eclectic Art Culture Shows Up on these New Pumas

There are collaborations everywhere in the menswear industry. One area we see a lot of cool entities link up is with shoes, particularly when brands and artists work together. Puma has developed a few new shoes in tandem with Japanese artist Graphersrock, with a clear nod to the thriving Tokyo art scene.

graphersrock puma disc blaze

The Japanese sub-culture scene is truly blossoming and the perfect place to represent this unique style is on a pair of shoes. With influences from globalised anime to J-POP, the multi-faceted culture is at the root of some of the worlds quirkiest outputs. The shoes represent this perfectly – a silver, white, teal and pink Puma DISC sneaker looks like a Transformer, and its black and white brother also pops a wheelie on the zeitgeist. The trio is completed by the eclectic Puma R698 in tones of grey and pink highlights.

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