Topo Designs Unveils the Mountain Daypack

A good backpack is a borderline necessity, whether you are using it for work, travel, exploration or hard core hiking in the wilderness. If there’s a company which knows all about this, it would be Topo Designs, based out of Colorado, one of the global centers for outdoors exploration and activities. Their new spring backpack, the Mountain Daypack, is a winner in every way possible.

topo designs mountain daypack inside

The Mountain Daypack is an ideal travel companion whether you plan to take it on the road or just coast through town. The oversized u-shape zippered access to the main compartment makes packing a breeze and accessing your gear even easier. The large side pockets fit a 32oz Nalgene and the durable daisy chain webbing is ideal for securing more gear to the outside if you had too much to stuff into the bag itself. As an added bonus, the bag actually looks great too so you can stay stylish for your hiking Instagrams if that’s how you roll.

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topo designs mountain daypack side pocket

topo designs mountain daypack side accessories pocket

topo designs mountain travel daypack