Trail Blazer – The Blazer by Bluffworks

Ever wish you could own a blazer that looked great and required virtually no extra care? We’re talking the kind of blazer you can throw on like Superman without having to worry about wrinkles or damage. Well, that dream is about to become a reality because after three years of development start-up Bluffworks has launched their new wrinkle-free Blazer on Kickstarter and funding has rocketed well past its goal.

bluffworks blazer different colors

The Blazer by Bluffworks may feel like a fashion shortcut but you’ll be the only one in on the secret so who really cares? It’s rife with appeal for those who live active lifestyles and want to look good without having to go all American Psycho over every article of clothing they throw on. The Blazer looks and feels like fine wool (even if it’s not) and will remain wrinkle-free no matter what you do it. As if that wasn’t enough the blazer is loaded with pockets and retains coolness even in warm temperatures. It comes in Charcoal Heather or Navy Heather colour.

bluffworks zippered storage

Not only is the Bluffworks Blazer the perfect garment of choice for men who would rather not overthink their get-up, but it’s also an ideal back-up accessory in a time of need. Keep it tucked away on reserve for occasions when you stain or split that expensive wool jacket and need a replacement ASAP. Then have your perspective on style shift dramatically when no one can tell the difference.

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